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Looking to scale your business to 7 figures & beyond?

We are a performance-based boutique agency helping e-commerce and e-learning brands worldwide reach their revenue goals with an A-team of paid media growth experts.

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  Our Role in the Digital Marketing Game

Our goal is to surpass our client's objectives and expectations, reason why we are always in the hunt to improve the results no matter how good they already are.

Below a bit of our process:


A steady stream of qualified leads with high purchase intent will reach your landing page through our Paid Media Ads orchestration.


By analyzing results on an ongoing basis, we tweak campaigns for peak performance & results.


Won’t forget those who didn’t convert on their first visit. They will be approached again, but on a proportionate and timely basis. Won’t forget those who converted either!

Grow faster, better, smarter

We keep our team small to make sure we can deliver a custom and dedicated service to each of our clients at an optimal level.

For this reason, our mission is always on establishing long term relationships with clients, and that can only happen if we actually walk the talk.


Generated in revenue for our clients since our start, with an average return on ad spend over 3x.


Countries targeted with our international campaigns, although most of our ad spend happens in the US.


Years since the start of Digital Taktik. 8+ years of experience in Paid Media of current team members in average.

Why businesses trust us for growth

My name is Gaspi Montllonch, and I am the founder of Digital Taktik. After working as a Meta and Google Ads digital planner for two of the most renowned digital marketing agencies worldwide, running the campaigns for clients such as Durex, Vanish, Rimmel & Calvin Klein amongst many others, I decided to create Digital Taktik, hungry to help small business owners with awesome businesses that cause a positive impact on the world attain their goals.

After over 6 years successfully managing campaigns for clients in the ecommerce and elearning space, our team has developed a proven framework that we’ve successfully battle-tested and are continuously perfecting that allows for optimal evergreen results and scaling with a solid foundation

We've used every bit of our experience running campaigns for a wide variety of clients in these niches to understand what works over and over again and what tweaks are needed to be done to make decisions based on our experience and data.

We are every day, down in the trenches, experimenting and a/b testing to keep up to speed with the platforms, algorithms and AI to provide the most effective digital marketing strategies at each moment in time.

What our clients say

“We've been working with Digital Taktik for about three years now and have been blown away by our experience working with them"

"They gives us amazing leads and sales and keep trailing down the cost".

"We had tried six or seven agencies before working with Digital Taktik and I must tell you it's been a huge difference"

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We’re the growth partner of startups, emerging brands and consolidated companies 






Choose the date and time that suits you best, and let’s jump on a 30-Minute Discovery Call. 

The goal of this call is to see if we can be a fit (client - agency), and if it looks like it we will do a free analysis of your paid media efforts up to this point (if any) + of your customer journey for free, showing you the exact strategy we recommend to increase exponentially the stream of sales you are currently generating.

After that it's your call to decide if you want to work with us or not. No commitment.


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We are looking for the best professionals in the paid media industry to help us grow our clients businesses to the next level with paid media advertising.

Contact us if you are ready for the challenge!

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