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Ready to 5x the sales of your Online Program in less than 90 days?

Book Your Discovery Call Now if you want us to personally “map out” for you the exact process that will 5x the sales of your Online Course or Program.

Is your Online Course ready for the

adrenaline shot?

❌ Confused about how to market your online course or program profitably.

❌ Tired of running digital ads yourself without a winning framework.

❌ Sick of working with generalist agencies or coaches that don’t help you nor deliver.

❌ Starting to lose faith in the value of your content (Hint: Your course is perfectly fine).

I am excited to present "The 90 Day Online Program Accelerator™️" that will allow you to:

✅ Generate leads in automatic to wake up to new students daily.

✅ Increase at least 3x the average cart value per student (leveraging our upsell technique).

✅ Scale your course and climb your revenue to the 6 figure mark.

✅ Finally, equip you with the tools that allow for the lifestyle you dream of having and thrive with your online course or program.

So, if you want to 5x your sales in less than 90 days with a proven framework for online course creators go ahead and click the button below:

Get $500 worth of advice for free

You've never heard of us?


That’s because we’ve been working our asses off generating results for our selected group of clients.

While your Facebook feed is daily conquered by the latest million dollar strategies of the so-called "guru's" and experts which become outdated the same day they are released, we've been working silently in the back-room, developing our own evergreen battle-tested strategies and tactics for Paid Media Ads (Facebook, Instagram, Google, Youtube...even Tik Tok Ads!)

We consistently turn

advertising into profit

By analyzing and optimizing your ad campaigns on a daily basis. 


A steady stream of qualified leads with high purchase intent will reach your landing page through our Paid Media Ads orchestration.


By analyzing results on an ongoing basis, we tweak campaigns for peak performance.


Won’t forget those who didn’t convert on their first visit. They will be approached again, but on a proportionate and timely basis. Won’t forget those who converted either!

Hear From Program Creators,

Just Like You

“Within the first couple of weeks of working with Gaspi and his team they were able to meet and even exceed the KPI’s that I had wanted for my Facebook marketing campaigns. Now I am really able to focus more of my energies on my clients and making sure my business is providing the value I know it can". 

"We're very, very impressed with his results. We've hired others before and with Gaspi, what we found was not only did he perform but he actually showed that he cared about our company and he always goes the extra mile. He delivers on the KPIs, he gives us amazing leads and sales and keep trailing down the cost".


During a very short period of time we are running free one-on-one discovery calls easily valued at $500 where we will guide you step-by-step on the process your online course or program should follow to obtain the results you are craving for.

Claim Your No-Obligation FREE 30-Minute Discovery Session Today.

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Get a Free 30-Minute Strategy session

Let our team of growth experts

turn your $1 into $3

Custom Strategy

First, book your 100% free growth strategy call, and let us come up with a custom plan for maximising leads and sales via Facebook ads. We’ll walk you through how to use Paid Media ads to reach your IDEAL prospects and turn them into loyal customers. (This is something we easily charge $500 for, but you’ll get it for free if you take action now).


If you decide you want us to handle your Paid Media ads, we’ll start creating direct response ads to drive qualified traffic, leads and sales within 8 days. We will handle all the busy work while you focus on building your business.

We will also put our 7+ years experience at your service to help you improve your whole digital strategy and identify the weakest points in your customer's journey (if any).

Steady stream

Once we set-up our battle-tested Paid Media ad campaigns for you, you’ll be able generate a steady stream of leads and sales that will skyrocket your revenue as we consistently improve and optimize the ad campaigns.

Brand Experience

Brand Experience

Some of our happy clients 🎈

    Carl M. 

    CEO & Founder of Private Gym

    I came to Digital Taktik after cycling through a very long list of agencies – none of which I was happy with –

    Gaspi and the crew at DT are definitely cut from a different cloth!


    THE BIGGEST REASON is that they treat our accounts like THEY ARE THE OWNERS – not just as way to extract fees like the other guys.


    They are ever mindful of our money and resources.

    They come up with creative ideas to solve problems.

    They allow me to bounce ideas off of them, often giving me critical advice so I can make better decisions – even if those topics fall outside of the PPC umbrella.


    I’ve already recommended them to friends with Online Courses and I RECOMMEND


    Book Your Discovery Call Now

Why Choose

My name is Gaspi Montllonch and I am the founder of Digital Taktik. After working as a Facebook and Google ads trafficker for two of the most renowned digital marketing agencies worldwide, preparing the campaigns for clients such as Durex, Vanish, Rimmel & Calvin Klein amongst many others and managing monthly ad investments of $30k+ per brand I decided to take the plunge and create my own gig, hungry to test new strategies and become the number 1 in the field.

3 years later and after successfully managing all types of clients, Digital Taktik has transitioned from a digital marketing agency into a consulting firm, specialized in helping online course creators 5x their sales. My team and I have developed a proven framework that we’ve battle-tested and consistently perfected with our own clients to fit this niche like a glove and allow for amazing results every time.

The Blacksmith's Home Has Wooden Iron Knives

It has not been up until now that we’ve started doing ads for ourselves despite this activity being the one we do every day for our clients. Why? Because to my surprise, since I started as a freelancer I was getting hired 90% of the times that I applied for tasks related to Paid Media ads via freelancer websites, and honestly didn’t have capacity for more.

After implementing proven systems and transitioning from a solo player freelance to a boutique agency results skyrocketed causing a big percentage of our clients to ask us to do ads for other companies they own as well as recommending us for their friends & family businesses.

Thanks to this we've been working non-stop while steadily growing, and now we are ready for more!

The Secret of Our Success

We keep our team small to make sure we can deliver a custom and dedicated service to each of our clients at an optimal quality. Our clients are our family.


generated in revenue since our start with an average return on ad spend over 3.


countries targeted with our international campaigns, although most of our ad spend happens in the US.


Years of experience managing Paid Media Ad Campaigns.

Would you like to fill your inbox with daily students proactively showing interest for your program like these…? 🤯

Stop Giving Away Countless Leads To Your Competition

Paid Media is the single most effective way to move the needle of your company, period. There is basically no other way to do it as quick and scalable right now in the world. Start doing ads on Facebook and Instagram and tap into an unbeatable market of nearly 2.47B daily active users hungry to throw dollars right at you. Let us harness the power of FB & IG for you and we will leverage the sophisticated marketing tools Facebook offers to zero in on your ideal target efficiently and get the money machine spinning while you focus on the business side of it all.

Book a FREE 1-on-1 Strategy Call NOW No thanks... I don't want to be successful

Case Studies

to Victory 🥇

🤚 Problem: The Spanish Government's Tourism Department launched a 40k € worldwide Facebook ads campaign to promote visiting Spain via a contest to win a free trip to the country. Their digital agency was far from the expected results.

✅ Solution: We got hired 9 days after the launch of the campaign to fix and prevent the whole campaign from failing. 7 days later, after implementing changes at the targeting and creative level we managed to rank all ads above average and increased the conversion rate by 60%.

🤚 Problem: The renowned multinational agency of one of the biggest insurance companies in the world was unable to arrive to the leads objective without incurring in high conversions costs. They hired DT with the task of getting the campaigns on track in less than 5 days.

✅ Solution: We created campaigns from scratch, changed the ads and narrowed the target amongst many other tweaks. In less than 5 days conversions exploded while decreasing costs to an all-time low. 

Ready to explode in

leads and sales?

At Digital Taktik, we stand by our services and customers. That's why if you decide to finally work with us, we offer a 100% refund during the initial 10 days of collaboration if for any reason you are not delighted with our service.


Choose the date and time that suits you best and let’s jump on a 30-Minute Call.

I will personally analyze your current digital marketing strategy and will “map out” for you the step-by-step plan to follow to 5x the sales of your Online Course or Program based on 3+ years managing the marketing for Online Course Creators. All this for free. 

Don’t miss the chance!